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Staunton Country Park Partnership

Louise Macmillan (Director of Horticulture)

Staunton – Wednesday to Friday
07948 382948

Art Invisible

Sharron De Abreu Faria (Director of Art & Hospitality)

Hewitt’s Community Hub, Shop and Cafe
Tuesday to Friday

The Right to Work Office

Debbie Lyall (Managing Director)

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The Right to Work’ is a CIC, registered in the UK. Community Interest Companies / Social Enterprise – primarily the objectives of these companies has a ‘social’ focus, the money surpluses are principally reinvested in the business or community rather than being driven by the need for maximum profit for shareholders or owners. CICs tackle a wide range of social and environmental issues and operate within all parts of the economy, using business solutions to achieve public good.
Our registered address is: 17 King Street, Arundel, West Sussex, BN18 9BJ
Company number: 09156415